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Land of Promises

Land of Promises, Espace Apolooinia, Strasbourg 2007

Contemporary Serbian Photography, exhibition curated by Ana Adamović

Artists: Zoran Naskovski, Vesna Pavlović, Ivan Petrović, Uroš Djurić, Vladimir Perić, Dejan Kaludjerović, Tijana Pakić Feterman, Ana Adamović
Exhibition catalogu: Isidora Nikolić


Exhibtions: Espace Apollonia, Strasbourg, France, 13 September – 10 October 2007; Centre Culturel de Serbie, Paris, France, 02 February – 07 March 2008; European Commision, Berlaymont Building, Brussels, Belgium, April 2008; Bibiliotheque Universitaire Lucien Febvre, Belfort, France, 13 November – 13 December 2008; Galerie ArtPoint, Wien, Austria, 13 January – 27 February 2009; Vasvary House, Pecs, Hungary, 29 October – 12 Novemeber 2010


The phrase Land of Promises is usually associated with America. Actually it sounds like the title of the movies and books about that country. Land of Promises also brings to mind some other land and not the one we live in.

This exhibition is featuring artists coming from the country that was for years everything else, but that kind of land. Still, in one way or the other, in some cases symbolic and in some ironic, every work presented here assumes an association with these words, from the ones dealing with the childhood memories (Vladimir Periž) or celebrities (Uroš Djurić) to the ones showing underground shelters (Ivan Petrović).

All artists presented on the exhibition are addressing political and social issues in their work. Intersection of social and personal histories is visible in all of the presented works. Showing the wide spectrum of themes – from the childhood memories, family stories, intimate and less intimate, lives of others, region, cultural phenomena – exhibition is presenting a circle of ideas and topics of the current art scene in Serbia, through the medium of photography. Exhibition is also exploring the photography as a medium, probably the most widely used and the most likable art form, its quality of being a document, a souvenir and an art-e-fact.


Exhbition was realized under auspices of Republic of Serbia – Ministry of Culture