Copyright © Ana Adamovic

DAS IST KUNST, 2005-2006

Authors of the project: Ana Adamović and Milica Pekić

Project has been realized in the framework of a research-oriented analysis of the cultural climate in Serbia. Searching for the nature of contemporary art, the authors were having discussions with 81 people, each of them providing their answer to the very same question respectively: “What does art mean for you?” These answers have been accompanied by the photographs of participants whereas all of them had been photographed while presenting a single object of their possession considered to be a work of art, according to each and everyone’s respective taste and choice. The authors were talking not only to artists, but also to other protagonists of the art system – gallery managers, representatives of organizations and institutions, professors, curators, critics, cultural producers, cultural policy creators, as well as to citizens of Serbia coming from eight cities, being of different ages and of different professions.


Project realized by Kiosk-platform for contemporary art
Publication AD and design: Aleksandar Mačašev



(Das ist Kunst, Kiosk, Belgrade, 2006, ISBN: 86-84977-02-05)