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Photographic workshops with young in multiethnic regions

Communication project challenges and examines the possibilities for a consistent dialogue among the members of different ethnic groups while applying the communication methods based upon photography workshops. Project starts from the belief that art is an efficient tool in solving the social and political problems.

The generation this project is primarily targeting is the one born and raised during the times of wars and conflicts in the Former Yugoslavia, young people in their teens. They are old enough to have certain prejudice against the others, but these prejudice are still not that strong, some of their attitudes could be changed through the joint work and creative projects. Photographing together on numerous subjects, week through week, young people of different nationalities are getting to know each other better and starting a dialogue. Establishing of that, more then necessary dialogue is the very goal of this project.

Communication project started in 2005 in South Serbia region. Nineteen young Serbs, Albanians and Roma from cities of Bujanovac and Preševo, were gathered on photographic workshops where, during several months, they worked together on documenting their lives and learning more about each other. In 2006 workshops were organized in three more cities, so the project involved eighty young people from Subotica, Novi Pazar, Pristina and Bujanovac. Two more Belgrade based artists and one art historian were invited to conduct the workshops together with Ana Adamović – Tatjana Strugar, Dorijan Kolundžija and Vladimir Tupanjac.

Since 2005, Communication project was presented on nine exhibitions in Serbia and abroad, two publications and on several conferences.

In 2008 Communication project received Erste Foundation Award for Social Integration.


The first year of the project was supported by Olof Palme International Center, while British Embassy in Belgrade supported the second.


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