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Without borders, Vienna, photograph, 100x80 cm, 2003


WITHOUT BORDERS, 2003 (photographs)

Hundreds of refugees and asylum seekers are coming to European Union every month. Some are coming because of the political crises or wars in their native countries, many others for economical reasons. European Union is constantly making new laws trying to restrict this massive flow of people coming to its Member States.
For majority of these people, while living in their native countries, Western Europe was seen as a dreamland of prosperity and freedom. Once in their “dreamland” they are confronted with a different reality: they are moving from one asylum house to another with virtually no money for years, waiting for their asylum procedure to be finalized; in most cases they are not allowed to work; they don’t understand language of the country they came to; for them Europe is full of borders they can not cross.


Without borders, Vienna, photograph, 100x80 cm, 2003
Without borders, Vienna, photograph, 100x80 cm, 2003